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Reviewer's Guide

1. Content

1.1. Relevance
- Are new ideas (e.g. theories, techniques, applications) or new insights on prevailing ideas presented?
- Are non-trivial results that are relevant from a Philippine perspective reported?
- Is the topic of interest to the general Physics/Physics Education community in the Philippines?

1.2. Completeness
- Is appropriate and sufficient background provided for non-experts to understand the manuscript?
- Are appropriate and sufficient references cited to support the ideas presented?

1.3. Validity and Soundness
- Is the background information provided accurate?
- Are the ideas presented consistent with the currently established?
- Do the conclusions put forward follow logically from the results and discussion presented?

2. Presentation

2.1. Clarity
Do the title and abstract appropriately reflect the content? no Are the objectives clearly stated?
2.2. Are the figures and tables appropriate and sufficient to illustrate the arguments of the manuscript?
2.3. Are the conclusions clearly stated?
2.4. Is the language and terminology used accessible to non-experts in the field?

2.2. Format
- Have the authors followed the prescribed format (e.g. <4 pages, 10 pt. Times New Roman)?
- Are the full names of all authors indicated in the author list? yes Is the resolution of the figures (graphics) embedded in the manuscript sufficient (at least 150 DPI)?
- Are all figures, equations, and tables properly labeled?
- Are references listed in the prescribed format?